Thursday, April 29, 2010


2010 Pacific Rim Championships - Day OneWhat about abs?? I have been doing crossfit for about 3 and a half years, and coaching it around 2 years. One thing I always hear, and used to think to myself..."What about abs?" Well, let's discuss why you never see ab crunches involved in a crossfit workout. First and foremost, a crunch is not a functional movement! Crossfits definition...Constantly varied FUNCTIONAL movements performed at high intensity. So if you were laying on the ground, would you do a crunch to sit up, and get yourself off the ground? NO! You would SIT UP. Crossfit is based on these these movements. Things you do in everyday life, sit up, push up, squat, pull up, deadlift(picking up a sack of groceries). Do 10 reps of each of those movements X10 for time, and you have a crossfit workout. The other reason you dont see crunches in a WOD(workout of the day)is every movement in crossfit is a core to extremity movement. Meaning, your abs should be the source of all the power in every movement! The biggest example would probably be the overhead squat. Imagine holding 200 pounds above your head and performing a squat!Tell me what muscle group you think is doing almost every bit of the work to keep that weight above your head. CORE! ABS! Whatever you want to call them, they are the main muscle group in just about every activity we do in life. So crossfit trains these muscles accordingly. If you doubt me, do the workout named "Nancy." Four rounds for time of: 400 meter run and 15 oh squats performed with 95lbs and tell me how those abs feel:) Core baby! Get some!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Go Hard!

Yesterday was one of those workouts when you come in, and look at the board and think"WHAT?!" Crossfit was founded on some of the basic principles of gymnastics, olympic weight lifting, and mono structural movements such as running, rowing jumping performed at high intensity. Yesterdays wod(work out of the day)was 100 inverted burpees for time! Sounds fun huh? Google inverted burpee to see how fun it really would be.
I was scanning through the pictures I took, and came across this one of one of our fire breathers Matt. The reason I posted this pic is to give you just one of our clients brief story. All of our clients make huge gains in their fitness levels daily!! Matt pops into mind because I'll never forget his first day with us, and how far he has come in just his six months in our community. Matt came in, like most not knowing what to expect. Little did he know he had the most legendary benchmark workout waiting for him on the board..."Fran" This workout involves two movements at HIGH intensity. Movements: Thruster, a front squat with a press at the top performed with 95 lbs, and good ole pull up. 3...2...1...GO!! If I remember correctly Matt got through about 15 of the first 21 reps at the recommended weight and pull ups. As anything we can scale down the weight and intensity, so we brought him down to 55 lbs and ring rows to substitute for pull up. Fifteen minutes later he was done. We start stretching and no Matt to be seen. Come to find out he met Crossfits mascot "Pukie" outside. Six months later, now at 4 percent body fat and kicking ass. Matt set his PR(personal record)in "Fran" at 4:02 rxd!!! Go hard!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Are you SICFIT? Do you have what it takes to challenge yourself mentally, physically, even spiritually? Do you have what it takes to push the pain aside, and just keep goin? The thing that drew me to crossfit is the challenge! Every day going to and seeing the workout for that day and thinking,"There's no way I can do that!" Then however many minutes and seconds later, I accomplished my goal...I FINISHED IT! Yes, my first few months into crossfit I didnt think I had what it took to fallow this totally different approach to fitness. As time goes on though I constantly find myself achieving things that I once thought were impossible! This starts to make you realize what you are capable of in every other aspect of your life. I now set goals for myself monthly, trimonthly, and yearly not only in crossfit, but in life. It's really odd to think a fitness program can do that to you, but it does! Over and over again I see it change people in every way. The way they look at themselves, fitness, and life. When I first started crossfit I couldnt do 3 consecutive pull ups, 15 consecutive push ups, and didnt even think aboout deadlifting.(which is, by the way one of the most beneficial workouts there is)I started setting goals and pushing myself to the limit, and today I'm killing 40 consecutive pull ups, 50 consecutive push ups, and just set my new PR(personal record) in deadlift at 445 lbs!! Crazy! Come join our community, and let us help you become SICFIT. Achieve your impossible...