Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eyes On The Horizon.

The reason people fail is because they give up what they want most for what they want right now. I grew up playing every sport you can imagine. I have taken my training from those sports and applied them to my life. One of those sports was of course, football. In life I always think back to football, and what I like to call "The fourth quater mentallity." In life just like football, there are times when it seems you dont have the strength to see straight. That is when the fourth quater mentallity clicks in! You are tired, and you are hurting, and you dont want to go on... Fourth quater baby!! The game is on the line, and there are a few seconds on the clock, do you give up? NO! You go on and win the game. Everyone has goals in life. To reach that dream, and that goal you have to fight for it. So when you feel tired in life, and you're hurting, keep your eyes on the horizon.Philippians 4:13

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just Another Saturday

This is what I love about crossfit!! I couldn't make it to the gym today so... Let's get creative!
WOD:Run 2 miles
50 pull-ups
50 burpees
100 yard tire flip
50 knees to elbows.


Feb. 2nd WOD:
10 rounds for time:
10 sumo high pulls
10 lunges, 10 steps
10 burpees
Sprint 30 yards.


All we ask that you bring to our workouts is... Determination! When you focus with all of your being on the task at hand, there is nothing you can't do!!


Head up, eyes foward... Crossfit Central LBK's second free workout was a great success! Our fit community is growing. Thank you to all who participated. We look foward to the future.